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Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic mounting methods for correct and efficient bearing mounting. Selecting the correct mounting technique for your application will help you extend your bearing’s service life and reduce costs resulting from premature bearing failure, as well as potential damage to the application.

Tools for mounting:


  • set of tools for oil infusion and injection under high pressure
  • various sizes of hydraulic nuts.


  • set of rings made of a special material for vibration damping,
  • special model of hammer, which absorbes surplus energy,
  •  sickle spanner set for bearing nuts,
  •  set of impact wrenches for wide diameters,
  •  torque spanners for proper radial clearance.

Bearing heaters

  • warning plates for small bearings,
  • induction heaters for various size bearings,
  • full sets of tools for hot oil bearing heating.


When dismounting bearings, care must be taken not to damage other machine components as damage can compromise the machine’s efficiency and lifetime. Selecting the correct dismounting methods and tools is then essential in reducing the risk of personal injuries and reducing the risk of damaging the bearing, thus allowing it to be used again. Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic dismounting methods and tools to allow safe, correct and efficient bearing dismounting.

Tools for dismounting:


  • set of tools for oil infusion and injection under high pressure,
  • sizes of hydraulic nut,
  • bearing pullers with a hydraulic cylinder.


  • various pullers for the dismantling of bearings of different shapes and sizes placed in various  places,
  • sickle spanner set for bearing nuts,
  • set of impact wrenches for big diameters.

Bearing heaters

  • induction heaters,
  • heating rings.

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