Our values

PREMA SA is a company, which aims at satisfying our customers’ needs with regards to production continuity, machine movement and technological lines.

Our mission is to increase our present competitive advantage by being innovative and by being the best at everything that we do.


Customer satisfaction is our priority. We provide better services through quality, reliability and speed. We continue to function and grow because we are able to satisfy our clients’ needs better than our competitors and at the same time staying cost-effective.


Our philosophy of quality is aimed at the improvement of logistic processes concerning our customers’ requirements. Quality is essential in everything we do. All our employees are involved in actions, which are connected with continual quality improvement.


The success of our company is possible thanks to our staff, the people working for PREMA SA. We are a group of people who are engaged in our work, who search for work satisfaction, which will ensure team and individual development and stability. We value openness and honesty and we appreciate and reward our employees’ involvement. We create friendly working conditions and a good atmosphere, which go a long way to create lasting links between the company and its employees.


We run our business in a socially responsible manner and our activities are in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards. Additionally we are trying to help our community through active participation in its activities.


PREMA SA has a network of 12 branches, which are located all over Poland.

PREMA SA has a network of 12 branches, which are located all over Poland. The various branches are connected by a computer network, which allows for a rapid flow of information. This kind of organisation provides a fast, high quality response to local market needs. We are constantly trying to develop our network in order to:

  • Guarantee equal service quality for all our clients and partners from all regions
  • To be close to our customers so that we can provide a fast, efficient services with easy, direct access

We are the integral company whose activity has one aim- the satisfaction of each of our clients. We work 7 days a week, 24 hours a day*.

* subject to mutual agreement and arrangements. 

Our history

Our many years of history
which built our position

July 1953

A new enterprise

Formation of the company called Bearings Sales Office (BZŁT)

Years 1972-1976


Further changes in the name, resulting in the company being renamed “PREMA”

January 1978


Change of name into Technical-Trade Precision Company “PREMA” and extention of company’s activity by incorporating Warsaw R&D center (Kielce branch). The beginning of the technical department activities, known as the Central Bearing Manufacturing Office (CBKŁT)

September 1996

Company registration

Registration of a company created by its employees under the name Technical-Trade Company “PREMA” Joint-Stock Company

March 1997

Acquisition of assets

The taking over of the property from the liquidated state company by CTH “PREMA” S.A.

May 1998

Name change

Change of company’s name into PREMA Joint-Stock Company (PREMA SA)

May 2000

Partner of SKF

Prema SA became SKF Certified Maintenance Partner

Year 2004

Logistic center

A new Logistics Center in Poznan

Year 2007


B2B platform available for major clients of PREMA SA

Year 2011

New production

Production of special sealing for SKF in Wroclaw

Year 2022

New website

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Our excellent quality
confirm obtained certificates


Authorization list

The products offered by the PREMA SA network are from both foreign and domestic manufacturers. These are high-quality products, which are quality controlled to meet the demands and requirements of all off our clients and most of the suppliers are holders of the International Standards Organization certificates-ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001.

PREMA SA has a team of highly qualified workers and in addition to our existing certification we are continuously trying to recieve more authorisation certificates, proving the quality of our services on the market, which allow us to distribute internationally recognised brands.
Authorisation certificates guarantee that our products are credible, well-chosen, safe and faultles

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