Technical service & trainings

PREMA SA offers its technical services, which in cooperation with your services will ensure the following:

  • The proper operation of machines and devices
  • An extension of periods between repairs
  • Defining “on time” the necessity of bearing replacement in key knots

These activities highly influence the reduction of repairs and major overhauls, and lower the risk of unexpected stoppages.

We provide services concerning.

Diagnostics and the monitoring of machinery, based on three factors:

  • The vibration spectrum
  • Temperature measurement
  • Acoustic emissions
  • One or two plane balancing in own bearing.
  • Laser system alignment.
  • The metrological measurements of linear dimension, angle, shape and position deviation.
  • Design and implementation of monitoring systems for bearing knots.

Our highly qualified staff guarantees the professional quality of our services by:

  • Responsibly supervising the fitting and usage of bearings, which are used in mining.
  • The creation of manuals, for example “Fitting and periodic surveillance of train bearings”.
  • Participation in the creation of new bearings especially for airplanes.

The authorized supervision of bearing noise measurement devices in bearing factories

keeping files of:

  • catalogues
  • fitting and service manuals
  • construction documentation of bearings and bearing knots.

Our technical services provide also training, which cover issues connected with bearings, both theoretical and practical. We have our own lecture room with special facilities, enabling practical exercises in bearings mounting, dismounting and diagnostics.

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